Designing Tips to Make the Ceiling Look Higher

Most of the homes do not get higher ceiling, and it can really look bad from the interior designing perspective. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are some methods which are being used by interior designers to make the ceilings look higher than their actual height. Surely it’s a visual manipulation but it serves the purpose very well from designing perspective.

The curtains’ position

Instead of starting hanging curtains from right above the windows’ upper frames, extend this hanging point immediately below the ceiling. It will make you look at the entire length of the curtain from bottom to the ceiling; and, it will create an unavoidable illusion that walls are of substantial height.

The furniture

When you enter a room, the one of the very first things you see is the set of furniture. In a small room, the furniture with higher legs can make the room look much smaller. So, if you bring in the furniture that would sit close to the floor, you will definitely be able to make the room visually bigger with higher ceiling.

Wall with stripes

Another way to create the visual of higher ceiling in the room is to create vertical stripes on the wall. The trick is that it makes the eyeball to move upward.

Mirrors on the walls

What you install mirrors for decoration, you would notice that the room starts looking bigger. You can enhance this visual by installing mirrors at a reasonable height of the wall. That will not only make the room look wider but you will also feel that ceiling is at a good height.

The recessed lighting

While a chandelier is the perfect decorative item that can add much in overall design, it makes the ceiling to look at lower height as compared to the original height. Since we are talking about giving the room a visual appearance that shows ceiling at a reasonable height, we can stick with the recessed lighting arrangement.

Bring contrasting furniture pieces

While you have the chairs and tables that sit close to the floor, it’d be better if you bring bookshelves of the height that reaches the ceiling. This contrast makes the bookshelves, and ultimately the celling, look much higher.

The custom details

Adding some custom details on the walls and ceiling can be of huge advantage. When consider adding details on the walls, you can pick faux brink panels in the small portion right in the middle of the wall’s width. However, making this design a bit higher up on the wall is the most important thing you should take into the account. Furthermore, adding little details in the joining areas where walls and ceiling meet is also the way to make the ceiling look higher.


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